Saturday 27 February 2016

Isle Lobos - One of San Cristobal's Most Exciting Attractions

Every day in Galapagos is an adventure and when you stay on San Cristobal Island, all you have to do is jump on a boat and in minutes you are at some of the best visitor sites in Galapagos.  One of my favorites, full of adventure and endemic wild life, is Isle Lobos.

Isle Lobos is just exactly what its name promises: an island full of Sea Lions. You may know that the word "lobos" in Spanish actually means wolf and sea lions are known as wolves of the sea.  At Isle Lobos the sea lions are literally on top of each other as you can see in this photo. Babies lie on their moms, the moms take in a little sun or groom themselves and everyone seems pretty content.

You will undoubtedly see some of the youngest pups having a morning or afternoon snack.

Of course, the females and their pups are so relaxed because they have nothing to fear. The beach master - the alpha male - protects them from the water. As you can see, he is quite a bit larger and keeps a watchful eye for any other male sea lion who might try encroaching on his territory.

I've talked about the male sea lions in other posts. The males, as they protect their harems, do not take time to eat or take care of themselves. Instead they focus their attention on making sure their family is safe from predators and other males who may challenge their authority. Only when the beach master becomes weakened from lack of food and sleep, allowing a competitor with more strength to take over patrol, does the beach master take a much-needed rest in a bachelor sea lion colony.

At Isle Lobos, the sea lions are all shapes and sizes.  The little ones explore.

Or they may opt for a swim before drying out on the beach.

Or they may give some thought to just exactly what activity would please them the most. Sea lion life on Isle Lobos isn't too tough! These little guys can't seem to decide: in or out of the water?

But, sea lions aren't the only thing to see on your adventure. Sally Lightfoot Crabs and Boobies will be greating you as well!

All of this is available to you just an hour from the Galapagos Eco-Lodge on San Cristobal. Be sure to call us so that I can personally book a tour of this wonderful island for you.  To learn more about all of the wonderful sites accessible by boat from the Galapagos Eco-Lodge see my earlier post on the many adventures that await you on San Cristobal.

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